Occupational Therapy & KIDS!

Pedatric Occupational Therapy Services support and enhance the development of infants, children, and adolescents facing physical, developmental, sensory, attention, and/or learning challenges that affect their school performance, socialization, and overall health.

Occupational Therapists are unique in that they look at the whole picture when it comes to treating a child, including learning style, current abilities, tasks performed, environment, developmental disabilities, and other persons involved. Every Pediatric Occupational Therapy assessment and intervention is individualized for the unique life goals of each child/youth.

Karp OTs aim to provide nurturing and engaging therapy sessions by using a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach in order to help your child reach their full potential at each developmental stage. Our OTs work closely with doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, teachers, school counselors and more, in order to provide the best quality care for your child. We believe that therapy should be fun!

So whether your child has a specific disability or just needs help developing a certain skill, a Karp OT can help!

Listed below are some examples of how a Karp OT can help — follow the links for more information

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Karp OTs can help with specific disabilities including:

Does OT sound like the way to go but you’re unsure of funding options? A Karp OT can help with that!

Karp OTs can help with specific disabilities including:

We all want to see our children succeed. A Karp OT can help!

Your child can begin building the foundation of their own brighter future today with a Karp OT. To see what we can do for your son or daughter, call us or complete a referral form.